Emerging Event Trends In 2021

Emerging Event Trends In 2021

  1. Hybrid Events

The way to go!

Representing the best of both physical and virtual worlds. Offer participants the opportunity to participate in the event either on-site or remotely. The benefits of a hybrid event are numerous:

  • A higher participation rate
  • Better engagement rates
  • Even more interactive
  • Great participant experience
  • Global connectivity
  • Inviting speakers from around the world
  • Avoid travel costs and so much more!

2. Gamification

Gamification continues to be the most enjoyable way to drive action and boost interest among attendees. Brands can drive business objectives by leveraging gaming mechanics and including various gratification, rewards, and competition. Leaderboards and awards have proven particularly effective, as attendees compete against one another.

3. Omnichannel Event Approach

With the need to amplify customer experience and the increased preference for different modes of interactions, an omnichannel approach to events has become a mandate.

Influencer marketing and social media have been an integral part of events and became the norm to drive traffic to the event, the omnichannel approach not only allows attendees to learn more about your brand but helps them access a variety of content which amplifies the engagement levels and extends it beyond the life cycle of the actual event – truly making it a holistic approach.

  • Chatbots, Instant messaging
  • Live streaming
  • One to one interaction through video conferencing
  • Recorded content
  • Networking
  • Virtual Event Booths

    An omnichannel approach is a win win for any of your KPIs or event objectives – from collecting leads, to raising awareness, boosting sales or encouraging customer loyalty.

    4. Personalized Events
    Brands have switched to smaller, more intimate experiential programs that have proven to leave a bigger impact on individuals.

A few ways to create a larger impact on your consumer include:

  • Developing Personalized content for event attendees
  • Unique Food Experiences
  • Creating elements of surprise and delight
  • Co-creation activities
  • Pre and Post Event Email Marketing

Personalization can take your event to the next level. With the use of the right technology and data collection tools, personalization allows you to keep in touch with your event attendees more than ever before and understand their feedback helping you improvise and better your next event.