Activations in the NEXT normal

The marketing industry as we know it has changed a lot since 2019. The onset of the pandemic spurred us all out of our comfort zones, much faster and with more ease, than anticipated.

Restrictions increased, shopper behavior changed, spending was slashed and ecommerce platforms grew. There was also more focus on health/ protection and the need for social distancing, avoiding personal contact at any cost, meant that the marketing industry took a big hit – especially brand activation.

Why Brand Activation?

The power of brand activation is just as relevant today, in fact more important. Humans are social beings and we crave interaction and experience – the essence of brand activation.

In a highly competitive environment where product differentiation is scarce, activations thus allow brands to humanize and engage at an emotional level with shoppers, forming deeper connections and adding value in a meaningful way to build on loyalty.

So, why not?

The Right Balance

Thus, the opportunity today is in understanding the NEW shopper, leveraging insights to curate a strategy that resonates and delights them … while efficiently spending client budgets.

Sounds quiet straight forward and easy right? …. (hearty laugh)

Surprisingly not all marketeers think so and often, it is a trade off between one or the other.

But if we go back to basics and focus on the building blocks of any great activation, I’m sure success will follow

  1. Understand your audience – this is the foundation and plays a critical role in developing the other elements
  2. Concept – the BIG idea. One that reflects the brand and connects with shoppers on a deeper level?
  3. Channel – are we activating in touchpoints that matter in the shoppers journey?
  4. Mechanic – is it simple yet effective?
  5. CTA – how do want shoppers to take action once engaged? Is it through word of mouth, participation, social media sharing, purchase etc

Welcome Next Normal

I think we can all attest that the technological progress we have seen this last year has been nothing short of phenomenal and literally transformed business forever.

Shoppers have adapted just as fast, forming the ’Hybrid’ shopper. One who enjoys the best of both worlds – online and offline and will sure to be around for the foreseeable future.

This duality has created a need and expectation for certain elements of both environments, to blur seamlessly, providing the best of both worlds.

Luckily, the potential of digital activations enables this seamless integration effortlessly.  We can now recreate those activations, maintain social distancing while virtually connecting and reach a larger target audience, scaling the experience across the city, country and even the other side of the world

Hence, in conclusion, there is no ‘one size fits all’ strategy. Brands and their marketing partners really need to evaluate what matters most, structuring plans that best meet their core objectives.

Agility is key Today and a strategy that is all inclusive and willing to adapt to the environment, regardless of circumstance, will make for the best success stories

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