Micro is the New Macro

Did you know that brands and businesses will spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022?  Influencer marketing has grown quickly the past years and is now of very high importance and virality on social media platforms; as 89% of marketers state that their ROI through influencers is better than any other marketing channel.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Let’s start off by identifying “What is Influencer Marketing?” It’s a mean used by brands that are keen to drive awareness, engagement, and traffic to their products for a specific target group through key industry leaders AKA: influencers.  Influencers have already created a strong bond with their followers, therefore having a great impact in convincing them which products are to be trusted and worth investing in.

Are Micros better than Macros?

Influencers are now categorized into 4 groups: Mega, Macro, Micro, and Nano – through which they are differentiated based on their number of followers on their social media accounts.

But the common debate happening today is; are Micros a better choice than Macros?

As both of these categories are of high importance, Micros are now being targeted and recommended more than Macros; as a matter of fact, they are now high in volume compared to others. Their niche and specific topics they focus on makes them less generic than others; therefore, leading to evoke very high degrees of credibility. This means that their “not-so-famous” status reflects that everyone following them are loyal and are of interest to their niche, resulting to a higher engagement rate on their content.

Also, noting that Micro influencers’ focus is to grow a bigger fan base, they make sure that the content they provide is of high quality, authenticity, and relevance. Therefore, having the brand believe that the end consumer will be more attracted and convinced with the content these influencers will put forward, creating trust between the brand and their TG. Consumers are keen to try and purchase products that have been recommended and used from people they can relate their lifestyle to.

One of the important aspects that brands take into consideration while collaborating with Micro influencers is that they are more efficient and cost effective to their campaigns, noting that they will be reaching and engaging with a higher number of people while paying less compared to what they spend if collaborating with Macros and Megas. Also, Micro influencers are known to be really responsive, pleasant to work with, and can be approached easily.

Conclusion – Micro Can Mean More Relevance

At last, influencer marketing is a great and the most trending way to advertise your brand through social media platforms and reach your precise target audience. As it’s proven that Micros can be more relevant than Macros, the final selection of influencers should depend on the brand’s objective, message, audience, and image they want to reflect to consumers. It’s not always about which influencer have a higher number of followers, but it’s about which one is more relevant to your brand’s values and have loyal audience.

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